Peralatan Teknik Supply

Welcome to Peralatan Teknik Supply. We are a company that stood since 2002 engaged in industrial Machine Tools, . We were in Jl.Jatiwaringin Raya No.234 Pondok Gede. Discover the variety of our best products (Mesin Potong Rumput Mobil, Mesin Fogging Nyamuk, Vacuum Cleaner Karcher, Jet Cleaner Karcher, Exhaust Fan Industri, Air Curtain Panasonic KDK) with quality and the best price you can get.

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Jl.Jatiwaringin Raya No.234 Pondok Gede Jakarta Timur
Jakarta , Indonesia

Peralatan Teknik Supply

Nature Of Business: Trademark Of The Category Industrial Dealer: Karcher, Bosch, Multipro, Skill, Wim, Union, Kdk, Cke, Sellery.
Engineering Equipment Supply ' Is A Division Of Pt Source Tooling Supply, A Special Effort To Meet The Needs Of The Institution (Supplier). Our Customers Include Hotels, Apartments, Industrial Estates, Hospital, Government/Private Office. We Also Provide Wholesale Sales For Merchants/Stores Mainly Outside Jabotabek Got Trouble Getting The Goods To Complement The Companionship. In Addition To Trade Online We Also Sell Goods Engineering And Tooling Machines In Retail In Our Store Jl. Jati Waringin Raya No.234 Pondok Gede, Jakarta.

Legitimate Payments Through A Corporate Account:
1. A/N Pt Bni. Source Tooling Supply 0162170794
2. A/N Michael Bca Kadarisman 8720082099

The Advantages Of Being Our Customers:
1. You Are Dealing With A Company That Obviously Domicile And Legalitasnya, So It Is Safe And To Avoid Fraud. We Are An Authorized Dealer/Agent Of Different Brands (Bosch, Karcher, Multipro, Kdk, Karcher, Cke, Skill, Etc.) So As To Ensure Genuine Items, Providing A Guarantee Facility Product Knowledge/Demo Product, Spare Parts, Warranty, Etc. In Accordance With The Fabric.
3. Our Company Has Experience In Serving The Needs Of Industries/Institutions Throughout Indonesia Since Th 2002, Supported By A Range Of Principal/Brands, And Our Retail Store Chain That Makes It Easy For You To Verify.
We Provide On-Site
-Discount/Special Price
-Warranty Card.



Mesin Potong Rumput Mobil,Mesin Fogging Nyamuk,Vacuum Cleaner Karcher,Jet Cleaner Karcher,Exhaust Fan Industri,Air Curtain Panasonic KDK